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Becky Brogan The Mystery of Meane Manor

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_Skully1+ years ago #1
There was an announcement in the Blitz Research Community News by Richard "Levelord" Gray that didn't actually say the title... I deduced it by the URL path of the image... ;)

Becky Brogan The Mystery of Meane Manor

levelord1+ years ago #2
Thanks, _Skully ;)

I was brain dead that day. I sent an update to the moderators. Just waiting for them.

LineOf7s1+ years ago #3
Wait wait wait...

As in Richard "The Levelord" Gray who has his own wikipedia page and was featured in my well-thumbed Game Design: Secrets Of The Sages book? The guy who designed half the levels in Duke Nukem 3D?


/me dies.

PS: Nice looking game. :o)

levelord1+ years ago #4
Hey, LineOf7s!

Ya, the same ;) I'm in my 50s now and way to old and weary to work on big AAA titles any more. So I'm sort of on sabbatical/semi-retired "working" at home on casuals. It's like finger painting compared to doing the Sistine Chapel, ...and I love it.

BlitzMax is an incredibly cool language to make games, of course, and there are dozens of people here who are quite brilliant and very willing to help a lowly level designer like me.

Shagwana1+ years ago #5
That should end up as a quote on the front of this website ;)

_Skully1+ years ago #6
Where did you get all the graphics for Becky BMMM? Did you buy a graphics pack or are you a GA as well?

levelord1+ years ago #7
Clip art and ALOT of Photoshopping ;) I also hired some contract artists to do the story boards and such.

Grey Alien1+ years ago #8
Congrats on the launch levelord, now get that sequel finished!

Sitting on my desk is a Levelord signed Duke Nukem box ;-)

Chroma1+ years ago #9
He just launched his game. Give his some time to relax there GA lol!

Congrats levelord!

_Skully1+ years ago #10

Did those admins get back to you? As far as I can tell there aren't any... or at least they have completely ignored every post I've ever made (especially regarding the Active Topics annoyance).

Grey Alien1+ years ago #11
@Chroma: Of course normally you would expect someone to relax, but I happen to know that levelord is a busy bee ;-)

Chroma1+ years ago #12
Of course normally you would expect someone to relax

I wish the military could relax...but alas, no...it just isn't going to happen. So on that note, feel free to kick your feet up on your desk. :)

Good to see you posting again though, for a bit there I thought you had outgrown your roots. ;-)

levelord1+ years ago #13
Thanks, all! Relax? ...that's what I've been doing ;) Making game stuff is more like a hobby. It's definitely not work.

O' Grey One, as you know, now that the code is there, the sequels will be a snap. I'm already 60% finished with it, and half of the remaining is art that has to be done be a contractor.

Chroma, which branch of the service are you in? I did my 4 years in the Navy back in the 1970s.

levelord1+ years ago #14
Special thanks, too, to Shawn Swift. You were a tremendous help!

_Skully1+ years ago #15
OK, Total aside here..

What I'm seeing is lots of match games and seek and finds being made... do they actually sell? Am I spending a whole bunch of time making something that probably won't (platformer)?

{edit} I should add...
Ultimately, my idea is to make this engine so I can create a good natured game for my 4 and 7 year olds.. but I need graphics/sounds etc which requires a budget and I have .... nooooo budget. So I was thinking that perhaps I can make a quick game (like a match game) and sell that (and hope to make money) to pay for media for my other games. But, if they don't really make much at all then it would be a waste of time. ???

levelord1+ years ago #16
Hidden object games can sell well but it has to be quality. I would suggest playing the 1-hour demos of some of the most popular ones to gauge the effort.

I just released my first hidden objects game, so I do not know what to expect. I also, intentionally, made it very basic so as to reduce risks as I learned the pipeline from my computer to the customers.

Match games have to be good to make it, too. Jake's Unwel Mel is a perfect example.

Most of my art and sounds were very cheap clip art and sounds that I enhanced with PhotoShop and Audacity.

AdsAdamJ1+ years ago #17
My mother loves these games, I will have to send her the link to this one. It looks really good!

(she used to tell me off for playing Duke Nukem 3D as a kid by the way, I will have to tell her it's from the same guy who worked on that violence & naked chicks game I used to play... haha!)

Grey Alien1+ years ago #18
@levelord: Glad to hear progress is good. Really once you have a decent HOG engine it's more about the budget and designing the story/puzzles. Spend more money and you'll get more back.

_Skully1+ years ago #19
Art wise I was just going to start taking pictures of things and photoshopping them... no cost other than the time. Story wise, well, I used to write quite a bit and have a very active imagination so that shouldn't be too hard. Anyway, thanks for the feedback on that... I'll have to think about this.

levelord1+ years ago #20
@AdamJ, thanks ;)

@Grey Alien, no kidding, it's so nice to have crossed that initial hurdle. As much as I loved making the first episode, the second one is a breeeeeze! Nothing but the fun stuff. I agree, too, I'm spending more for the art and whatnots this time as the budget for not having to code so much is better.

@_Skully, start small, maybe not even thinking about making money. The best products come from the thrill of making them. That's how I landed my Duke Nukem good fortune. Wasn't thinking at all about money and took a tremendous pay cut when I left my "real" job ;)

okee1+ years ago #21
levelord is your site down ? your image has dissapeared
from the blitzbasic.com home page

Wiebo1+ years ago #22
He Levelord, I remember you as well from the quake 1/2 and halflife days. I used to make a lot of levels for those games, I think we even had some email conversations way back then. Cool to see you here! :)

<old people unite!>

Panno1+ years ago #23
HERE 2017

welcome levelord

Blitzplotter1+ years ago #24
Congrats on your release as an indie levelord.

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