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Blitz Research News

Blitz Research Ltd is a software development company dedicated to bringing you the ultimate in games programming tools.

MonkeyX targets iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, HTML5, Flash and 64bit Desktop using modern Blitz Research transpiler technology.

Monkey2 is currently in development.

Using a community funding model, Blitz Research’s next generation enhancements to the MonkeyX environment retains the human readable traits of it’s ancestors while introducing powerful new programming concepts.

Already there has been a proliferation of editors and tools created in monkey2 for monkey2 developers that demonstrate the versatile and elegant style of this exciting new language.

BlitzMax for desktop developers of all shapes and sizes is now free.

Blitz3D the legendary language of champions is now free to download.

Community News

Holy Hymenoptera!

Blitz3D user Flanker posts some exciting progress.

Pathfinder Ants in Nest of Marching Cubes:

latest featuring dynamic land bridges, root networks and more

Exciting progress in MX23D development

More info about Mark’s new 3D engine here

Great news from Fred

Our publisher, Bigben Interactive, has just announced an official release date: 2 Dark will be available on March 17th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Adam Strange chip synth

Buy me now!!!

The Monkey2 Admob module allows you to display Google Admob banner and interstitial ads in your Monkey2 apps, easily and quickly.


Discussion here.

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Blitz Research FAQ

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Who are Blitz Research?
What happened to Blitz2D?


Is there a boxed version of Blitz available?
Are there any ‘upgrade’ discounts available?
Can I make a commercial game with Blitz and are there any royalties to pay?
Blitz looks good, but I really need feature xyz – when’s it coming?


How do I register my Blitz purchase?
Where can I get updates to my version of Blitz?
I’ve purchased MaxGUI – where is it??

Technical – Installation

What platforms does Blitz run on?
Can I have different versions of Blitz installed on one machine?
Do I have to install all Blitz updates or just the latest?

Technical – Executables

Does Blitz compile programs into pure machine code?
Why are Blitz3D/Plus programs so large?
How can I reduce the size of my executable file?
Can I include/bundle my data files with my executable?
How do I change the icon of my Blitz program?


A Blitz executable crashes, but works fine in the IDE.
Blitz says that it needs Internet Explorer 4 installed but I have IE 6!
The Blitz IDE crashes when I close it (or close a tab).
How should I report a bug in Blitz?

Website – General

What were the Terms Of Use I agreed to when I signed up at
I log in to the web site, but it acts as if I’m not logged in; why?
I’ve forgotten my site password – what now?

Website – Forum

Apuestas Deportivas Argentina

How do I post on the forums?
What are the forum codes?
Can HTML be used in forum posts?
What is the acceptable size of signatures?
Why did my post get deleted or locked?
If I enter an email adress on the Blitz forum, is it safe from spam bots?

I should pop in this forum more often, it was a treat seeing this, very nice – dynaman

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